Monday, September 21, 2015

Hey all. This week was crazy. So I have calculated and am 98% sure that I am going to end my mission here in Spottsylvania. I am staying here to kill Elder Hopkins (this is his last transfer), and then I will stay here to get the new Zone leader adjusted. After that I will have one Transfer left and it wouldn't make sense to move me at that point. When I first came out it seemed like the mission was a dream and back home was the reality. As I get closer and closer to going home, the mission has become reality and home is the dream. Whenever I think about time my brain short circuts for a moment at the thought that it has been 4 years since I started Senior year. It completely dumbfounds me. And now I am looking at Kysa's senior picture!!! Regardless of all that things are going fantastic here!
   There are 4 people right now that I either have worked with or am with who are only 2 weeks away from making covenants with God. K and P I have already told you about. O  is someone that me and Elder H began to teach but passed off to other missionaries and the newest fellow we met last who's name is J. To get straight to the point I had a hard time trying to set him on date because he became to over joyed with the original prospect of "when you know this is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by the priesthood authority of God?" At this he kept on Saying Yes and how this is something that he desperately wanted and needed. We eventually set him for October 10th.
   Flash back to the day before and we had a little time to tract before our dinner appointment. Some college kids Pulled into the next house so we began to talk to them. They were not interested in the least bit so we moved on. With little success for the rest of the cultasack. We head back to the car. Once again we walk by the house where the college kids pulled in they had all gone inside except for an older fellow who was hard at work in the drive way. As we walked by him. I was prompted to talk to him. I ignored it because they had just rejected us about 5 mins ago. We keep on walking and the prompting comes again. This time I follow it. As we meet the fellow it turns out that he is actually the father. Without hesitation he invites us back the following day. During the appointment he tells us about how his wife just left him and his father dies a month ago. He said " I believe you were sent here." That we were.
   The Spirit will tell you all things which you should do. If you follow him you will be blessed as well as others. If you don't you are missing out. Love you all! Elder Wagner