Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I almost have zero time to right anything. We have been trying to have zone P day on for the last three weeks, but the only day it has ever snowed has been on monday!!!!!! It drives me absolutely nuts. Anyway I am so glad to hear about all your missionary experiences it really sounds like the work is hastening over there. That is what being Christ like is all about. Reading it brought a smile to my face. I am convinced that the only true motivator is love. Love for your family love for your neighbors and a love for you God. Dad you are awesome that is some true fellowship action right there. One of the reasons why missionaries have to be so bold is because they don't have the time to take their investigators out on a three hour fishing trip haha. Thats why the members are so crucial to hastening the work, because specific missionaries won't always be around to be that strong friend that every soul needs, but the members can. Nice Work!!                       By the way I do remember hiding behind the door that one time and I apologize haha. I was a coward and I promise I won't ever do that again. I have queswtrion Dad How did your mission change you? and how are you applying those changes to your life today? I wonder because I want my mission to change me and when I get back I want to make my old missionary self proud.                                                                                                      I sent a letter your way and you should be getting it this week sometime. I think I asked some questions in there so just respond to them in the next email. Tell Cornet that his post made me laugh and thank everybody else for the B day wishes!              Last night I decided that I absolutely love missionary work. All my fears and anxiety's about approaching people, teaching lessons, challenging investigators to do hard things, and challenging myself to do hard things are gone.I may have made the first couple of weeks in my emails seem like everything was good and great. But the truth is that they weren't; being thrown into the mission was like putting a gold fish in electrically charged water. I was completely shocked and my left eye still twitches sometimes for the experience ahaha seriously though it hasn't gone away. But it has only gotten better. I have been really pushing my self to be an effective tool in the lords hands. The differences between a paint brush and a paint sprayer are vast. They do the same thing, but the sprayer is worlds more effective, (right Kyle?) I'm a week shy of being gone from home for 2 months. If I came back home today you might be surprised at who I have become. I can only imagine what 2 years will do.                              I love you all soooooooooooo much stay strong and Hasten the work- Love Elder Wagner 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I emailed Krystal on her b day and gave her some instruntions for yours, but I don't think it sent :/ I also tried to email Kyle, but I don't think he got it either. If you haven't noticed with all my  weird paragraph spacing I am pretty terrible with this whole email thing. I didn't really even use email tilI I started school at BYUI.        I loved the B day gifts! Especially the Apron. Elder Jorgensen just graduated out of high school and didn't start cooking for himself till the mission. And when he did he cooked sandwiches and top ramon haha. I said no to that, so I usually cook lunch and dinner and having an apron is super helpful. Thank you :) The piano guys CD is awesome, but the Frosted album only had one song that worked on it. It was O My Father which I know for a fact is not on the frosted album haha.
Wow didn't mean to do that.... Anyway I have decided that I want to come home not only spiritually strong but also physically ripped haha so I have set up a pretty intense workout routine. More Importantly though I'm trying super hard to eat healthy. The day before today I made a vow to only eat sugar that is forced upon me by members and then I opened up your gift and all I see is Cinnamon rolls, moose munch, home made goodies and a tub of frosting!! Thanks MOM! I thought you were the healthy one! haha Of course I ate pretty much ALL of IT in one day... I shared with my companion though so don't feel to guilty ;) We both really enjoyed it.
Guess I did it again... So the missionary work in Farmville is pretty much exploding. When I first got here everyone said it was a super tough area, but it has been nothing but awesome for us. We get about 6 new investigators every week and have been teaching like crazy. So far no baptism dates, but we are getting there. Two days ago we had an interesting experience. We taught a 6'5" black ordained full time minister the restoration. Believe it or not we did not bash with him haha we simply taught the lesson by the spirit addressed his concerns testified about the BOM and challenged him to read and to pray about the things we said and the way he felt. We left with a prayer and that was it. When he first invited us in I was pretty intimidated, but I don't think I have ever been so bold in my life when he said " You are telling me that I am not 100% saved?" and I said "Yup" haha D and C 121 says to reprove with sharpness but to follow with an increase of love, which is what we did.                      The Gospel is true I know it with all my heart and when we come to such a knowledge we become very accountable. I drive myself crazy asking myself,  am I doing the things I profess to believe? We often get in debates with people about faith and works. Faith is the most essential thing. If you have true faith you will follow Christs example. You will try as hard as you can to love your  neighbor as yourself, and go out of your way to serve others. If you have true faith you will be doing those things and if your not striving to do, then your faith is not where it needs to be. " Arise from the dust and be men ( and Women) " I love you all so much and from that I love I hope you never become complacent it's the one thing that will ruin Gods most righteous children. Keep striving to be the person you want to be. You and in my thoughts and prayers - Elder Wagner

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sorry I am a day late, just as you predicted Dad a lot of snow came in on P-day which really ruined a lot of our plans including coming to the library. When it snows everything shuts down here. I thought it was really funny that you mentioned Bojangles, because it was the first restaurant I noticed haha I thought the name was really odd so I actually took a pic of it.                                   Speaking of food we have been getting fed pretty well we have dinner appointments at least twice a week which is apparently a lot better than it used to be before I came here. The Branch is super great I don't know one person in it who is not a convert. Which is pretty neat to see. Also it can make things a little more interesting haha.                                                                                                                                              As far as the accents go I think I am starting to pick it up. You really have to strain your ears to understand what they are saying. The people are super nice someone told me it's a little thing called southern hospitality, though every once in awhile we may receive just the opposite. Just last night a drunken "reverend" told us quite loudly that we were straight from hell haha, it was interesting.                                                               I kinda talked about how we had a goal to teach 5 lessons last week. Well we ended up teaching 6! oh yeah! It was a pretty busy week filled with it's ups and downs, but I think I am finally adjusted to the missionary life. I don't think I even have a comfort zone anymore which makes doing the work real easy.                                                                                                                                                                      We had a miracle happen this week. It's a pretty long story so I will tell you about over skype in April.
          I have begun to notice that the way I pray is changing. Instead of just going through the normal prayer mode stuff they have become much more specific and meaningful. So I guess my challenge to you guys is not to pray because thats what your supposed to do pray because you want to. It will make it more personal and special. Tell him whats going on, your hopes, your fears, your questions. You will notice that the way you say things in your prayers will change. It has made a big difference for me. I love you all I pray for you everyday- Elder Wagner