Monday, April 27, 2015

   I know I don't often write to much about the people we are working with because most of the time I don't want to go into detail about people who will probably drop us in 2 to 3 weeks. However Most everyone that I have taken the time to write about in my journal have been baptzied since. So there are 2 new people who are beyond solid right now who I have very high hopes for. One of them is  F. She is what we would call a real investigator, because she is actually investigating! If people would simply do the things we ask them to the way we asked them to do it a lot more people would make covenants with God. F does everything. She is a teacher so we took the advantage of that and have been giving her very detailed home work assignments incorporating prayer in and sciptures. She loves it! She does have some concerns though, but that is okay so long as she involves Heavenly father in the process and asks her questions with no ill will she will feel the spirit move more in her life. We met her tracting and at first she almost closed the door on us but after a little bit of persistence we were able to teach her and she has been progressing ever since.
   The second persons name is J. He is a 30 year old Family man who has to use a wheelchair due to a childhood accident. We were out with Brother B (a convert of about 10 years)  contacting potentials and we felt impressed to stop by his house. When j opened the door he looked at us and then looked at Brother B and said "Hey  B ! how are you doing?? how long has it been? 20 years or so?" Brother B recognized him as well. Apparently Brother B had been J youth minister at a baptist church when J was 10 years old!! After talking a bit we were able to share the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Brother B was able to teach him a little differently than he did 20 years ago. It was an awesome lesson and we all walked away commenting on how great of an experience it was and will continue to be as we help him progress. 
   It has been a fun week and I look forward to seeing you all very soon
Elder Wagner

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hello Family! 
     This week was slightly rougher than usual. We did a lot of finding but not to much teaching. We met some really cool people though. I met a guy named M who lived right off of North Phoenix Road. We are going to do some service for him and teach his family later this week so that will be fun.
   We definitely followed the spirit this week when it came to visiting Part member families. We saw a name on the ward roster that we had not seen before. So we decide to go visit them and they let us in. The husband says "that it's interesting that you guys came by today because last night I had a dream about missionaries and woke up wondering where you guys have been." It turns out they have not had missionaries stop by for 3 years. Another one was basically the same situation. Except we noticed that there was only one name down for this family and it was a women. So we said to ourselves " we are going  over there and there is going to be a man living with her who is not a member who wants to know more about the gospel." We ring the door bell and lo and behold a man opens the door and says that he IS a member and let us right on in. We were slightly confused, because that is not what we planned on and his name was not in the roster. Come to find out it was the laddies father who is active in the swift creek ward. Him and his family came over to his daughters house to have a rare dinner with the family. She seemed stand offish but willing to have us in. Her husband just as we planned is not a member and is willing to have us come over again. Her Dad really wanted us to work with her and him so that he was the only way we got in there. I know for a fact that we would not have been able to get in at any other time. its awesome when the lord leads you to the right place at the right time. 
    -Love Elder Wagner

Hey Family!! 
   Yes Elder B is getting transferred. I will really miss that guy. It took a while for us to get on the same tracks but he is an awesome person and a great missionary. I learned a ton from him about being a genuine person and how to communicate to others in a way that helps them feel loved. See I try to be genuine but sometimes I come off as short and not very loving. Mostly because the moment someone tells me there name I forget it and even upon asking for their name twice more I still struggle to remember. I think I am going to be an early victim of *alztimers. I hardley ever forget the first letter of someones name, which can come in handy when even my companion has forgotten their name i can help them remember what it was by shooting out a ton of names that start with that letter. Devon! Darrius! Drake! Drew! You get the point. 
   General Conference was awesome. By far my favorite talk was by Elder Anderson. the one with the analogy of Music and Dancing. I think a lot of members get caught up in the dancing but there is no music playing for them so it does not turn out the way they expect. I definetly need to apply this to myself. Ironically it really is not to hard to forget what my purpose is and the WHY on the mission. We get trapped in just doing the routines without thinking about the reason we get up at 6:30am amongst other things. Joseph smith said something along the lines of "Teach correct principles and people will be able to govern themselves." Something like that.. haha. Anyway this transfer has been a great learning experience for me all of which are have been noted in my journal which I try so hard to write in. Thus far I have been pretty consistent.
   I love you all and am gratefull for your prayers and love. -Elder Wagner