Monday, June 22, 2015

Whats your Favorite Smoothie?

Thank you for the lovely email! Its the small details that are fun to hear about for some reason. My companion told me this week that after he was baptized the missionaries kind of threw him to the wind. At first he was really discouraged but then he heard a talk about being continually converted and it inspired him to work on his conversion till the day he is 6ft under. As we improve everyday we become different people. In the beginning of my mission I had this huge fear that I would lose everything unique about myself and become a missionary drone. Luckily I have found that is not the case. As you improve you just lose the things that aren't so good and keep all that is. 
   This week one our our investigator's really challenged me on something. She said How come we both pray and ask God specific questions and he gives us both different and at times even opposite answers. At first I didn't know to respond but as I thought about it on the drive home I broadened the picture a little bit. It's not just me and M that feel that we receive different answers about one question, its every single other religion and belief system as well. And who can say who is right and who is wrong  if we are going off of what we feel that God has communicated to us. 
   The answer is prophets. Some one who can say "Thus sayeth the Lord." I could go into a big Sermon about this, but I will spare you haha. Sufficeth to say if there is God who cares about us, he will do certain things to help us get through this confusing maze. Scriptures are not enough. Because people can interpret them differently and once again feel that they receive a different answer than someone else who does the exact same thing. There needs to be a mediator in all things.
   Anyway I will probably share that with her next week.  Funny story time. Around here you have got to be unique in your approach when talking to people because most everyone knows who we are and don't want what we have...yet ;) On the fly I tried something new. A girl is walking by she see's us and puts her head down. We stop her anyway haha. The words of " I am busy I have to get somewhere" start to slip out of her mouth. Before she can I say " quick question do you know where one can get a good smoothie around here?" Kind of surprised She says smoothie king is probably the best, its just a couple of blocks away from here." I respond "cool so whats your favorite smoothie to get?" she answers" hmm probably the Sunny Blend."  "Nice!" I say. "So do you want to meet us at Smoothie king at 4 on Wednesday and  while you are enjoying your sunny blend we can share a message about Jesus Christ that I know you have not heard before, that will shed Sunny light on doctrine that you have had questions about?" After a pause she says " yeah I would really like that actually." Boom! Got ya haha

   We will be seeing her soon and i am really looking forward to it. Thats about it for the week. I love you all and pray for you Elder Wagner 

1.) Me and Elder Neuman After a long days work

2.) Teaching the Plan of Salvation next to the James River. It went really well

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hey all my time is short. I think Elder N bought the whole store
this morning so it took a little more time then usual. Plus we are
playing umpa today which is practically the best game ever invented.
We go long and we go hard haha.

I will tell one funny story. So we do a lot of proselytizing on the
campus of VCU and there is usually a ton of crazy stuff going down
there. Last week there was a bunch of improv dancers just going around
in a heard doing crazy stuff. There we were just trying to set up an
appointment with innocent bystanders when the dance group attacked. I
don't know how they did it but they circled all around Elder N.
And started getting really close. It was nothing inappropriate but
they were about to close in and touch him when Elder N shouts "I
am pure!!!!" He then backs up pulls out his planner and faces all of
them. "Which one of you wants to schedule an appointment???" I died laughing
inside and everyone there burst out laughing.

Despite the humor in that instant I Could not help but admire him. It
kind of reminded me of Joseph of Egypt. The words "I am pure probably
went through his head too. It is something that I want running through
my head as well.

These last three weeks have been very interesting and I have learned a
lot about how the spirit works. Simply put it works all the time if
you listen and are ready. It could be in Walmart, on an air plane,
anywhere. Remember that. Occasionally we will miss opportunities. I
have messed up quite a few times, but if we just try a harder the next
time it will become much easier.

Love Elder Wagner

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 11
It was wonderful seeing all of you yesterday!! When i logged off i realized I didn't really ask you all the questions or talk to each of you individually as I had planned on, but I guess that is kind of hard to do on a 3 way skype call. You all looked great though. I really look forward to us all being together in one place someday. thinking about it now I realize that might be quite awhile before that happens.
   Sorry if I seemed slightly frustrated when talking about missionary work. This last week has been quite abit rougher than usual. We didn't find 1 new Investigator so I am guessing that might have shown a little bit during the skype call. I really do love this work and you would not find me anywhere else besides the VRM. It is simply hard when you know with all your heart that there is a clear path for everyone that will provide the most happiness one can experience and you do all you can to get people there but they turn away.
   The Book of Mormon is Scripture it gives so much insight into how we can better apply the gospel in our lives. There are prophets in this earth and there really is a church that is hand made by God. I love this Gospel and I love all of you.
-Elder Wagner

This week we were in charge of the young mens for mutual. We played missionary Jeopardy and the team that one got to pie us in the face as a reward. It was pretty fun

May 18
Hey Folks! I am getting Transferred!!! I am really good at predicting transfers. I was really sure I was leaving and I got the call 2 nights ago. I know two things about where I am going. First off I will be training for the first time. I am really looking forward to it. I hear it is hard, but you learn a lot so sounds like something I would like. Secondly since my companion is new and I am being transferred that means we are shotgunning an area. This will be my third time shotgunning haha. It is always fun to do because it usually means once again two things. First the work in that area could use some improvement. Second there are no false traditions of any fore fathers. Meaning We don't judge our area right off the bat because a companion who has been there longer, limits the ideas we can try based off of his preconceptions.
   In conclusion I am very excited. I will miss this ward a lot, I met and worked with a lot of great people. One of which I didn't tell you about. The sisters in the ward reactivated this young family who sons had not been baptized. The oldest decided to first and then the other two followed about 2 months later. I got to know them pretty well. Sometimes we would play a quick games of pig with them at the church if we happened to be there and we were waiting for someone to show up. I also got to interview all three of them for baptism individually which was really special. Yesterday the reactivated mother texted me and said "Thank you for the example you have provided from my boys, my oldest now wants to serve a mission because of you." It is  moments like that which really make me grateful to have played a simple role in someone else's progression. I will miss the Manchester Ward but I look forward to a new adventure.
    Now the real question is if I am on bike or not. My bike got stolen quite a while ago haha. So hopefully there is one there.
    Stay strong and Morm on!
Love Elder Wagner

May 26,
This has probably been the most interesting week of my whole mission. First off, I am serving in the most coveted area in the whole entire mission. The Chippenham YSA ward. I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is... let me try though haha.
   Technically we cover three stakes all based around Richmond. We spend most of our time however in about a 4 mile radius around the city center. There are quite a few universities in that area and all we do is walk around and talk to people who look our age.That is literally it. We either teach them right then and there, or we set an appointment to teach them at the local downtown branch. It works amazingly well. All of the YSA's in our ward live relatively close so we just bring them to the church as well and wham, instant fellow shipper, Instant church tour, and since they are young studious and open minded  helping them progress is pretty simple, instant investigating investigator. If they don't want to read pray or come to church find we will someone that will.
   The best part is everyone here has a friend and if they feel uncomfortable meeting with us alone they bring their friend to join in. Yesterday we invited 2 people to come to FHE and they each brought a friend who we will now be teaching within 2 days. Incredible. I Could go on about how awesome this place is but I will spare you.
   My new companion is Elder N From Tricities Washington. He is amazing, awkward weird, and diligent all at the same time. He got baptized late April of last year! His testimony is incredible. to describe kind of who he is combine Elder Calhoun from the best 2 years and Buddy from Elf and you Have Elder N. I am not kidding. It is Uncanny. My whole mission on average I wrote in my journal about 3 times week if even. Now it is everyday. There are to many things that he says or does in a day that I don't want to forget. To cap it off I guarantee he is the most Christ like individual in the whole mission If I was a betting man I throw in quite a few shiney pennies in on that wager.
   We came in here with literally no Investigators, 0. It has been 1 week and we have a teaching pool. I am so happy to be here and to be with Elder N and as he would say "we bring the Everlasting gospel.

Love Elder Wagner
1.) 3 Generations Elder J My trainer, Me And Elder N