Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hey all my time is short. I think Elder N bought the whole store
this morning so it took a little more time then usual. Plus we are
playing umpa today which is practically the best game ever invented.
We go long and we go hard haha.

I will tell one funny story. So we do a lot of proselytizing on the
campus of VCU and there is usually a ton of crazy stuff going down
there. Last week there was a bunch of improv dancers just going around
in a heard doing crazy stuff. There we were just trying to set up an
appointment with innocent bystanders when the dance group attacked. I
don't know how they did it but they circled all around Elder N.
And started getting really close. It was nothing inappropriate but
they were about to close in and touch him when Elder N shouts "I
am pure!!!!" He then backs up pulls out his planner and faces all of
them. "Which one of you wants to schedule an appointment???" I died laughing
inside and everyone there burst out laughing.

Despite the humor in that instant I Could not help but admire him. It
kind of reminded me of Joseph of Egypt. The words "I am pure probably
went through his head too. It is something that I want running through
my head as well.

These last three weeks have been very interesting and I have learned a
lot about how the spirit works. Simply put it works all the time if
you listen and are ready. It could be in Walmart, on an air plane,
anywhere. Remember that. Occasionally we will miss opportunities. I
have messed up quite a few times, but if we just try a harder the next
time it will become much easier.

Love Elder Wagner

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