Monday, June 22, 2015

Whats your Favorite Smoothie?

Thank you for the lovely email! Its the small details that are fun to hear about for some reason. My companion told me this week that after he was baptized the missionaries kind of threw him to the wind. At first he was really discouraged but then he heard a talk about being continually converted and it inspired him to work on his conversion till the day he is 6ft under. As we improve everyday we become different people. In the beginning of my mission I had this huge fear that I would lose everything unique about myself and become a missionary drone. Luckily I have found that is not the case. As you improve you just lose the things that aren't so good and keep all that is. 
   This week one our our investigator's really challenged me on something. She said How come we both pray and ask God specific questions and he gives us both different and at times even opposite answers. At first I didn't know to respond but as I thought about it on the drive home I broadened the picture a little bit. It's not just me and M that feel that we receive different answers about one question, its every single other religion and belief system as well. And who can say who is right and who is wrong  if we are going off of what we feel that God has communicated to us. 
   The answer is prophets. Some one who can say "Thus sayeth the Lord." I could go into a big Sermon about this, but I will spare you haha. Sufficeth to say if there is God who cares about us, he will do certain things to help us get through this confusing maze. Scriptures are not enough. Because people can interpret them differently and once again feel that they receive a different answer than someone else who does the exact same thing. There needs to be a mediator in all things.
   Anyway I will probably share that with her next week.  Funny story time. Around here you have got to be unique in your approach when talking to people because most everyone knows who we are and don't want what we have...yet ;) On the fly I tried something new. A girl is walking by she see's us and puts her head down. We stop her anyway haha. The words of " I am busy I have to get somewhere" start to slip out of her mouth. Before she can I say " quick question do you know where one can get a good smoothie around here?" Kind of surprised She says smoothie king is probably the best, its just a couple of blocks away from here." I respond "cool so whats your favorite smoothie to get?" she answers" hmm probably the Sunny Blend."  "Nice!" I say. "So do you want to meet us at Smoothie king at 4 on Wednesday and  while you are enjoying your sunny blend we can share a message about Jesus Christ that I know you have not heard before, that will shed Sunny light on doctrine that you have had questions about?" After a pause she says " yeah I would really like that actually." Boom! Got ya haha

   We will be seeing her soon and i am really looking forward to it. Thats about it for the week. I love you all and pray for you Elder Wagner 

1.) Me and Elder Neuman After a long days work

2.) Teaching the Plan of Salvation next to the James River. It went really well

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