Monday, July 13, 2015

2 awesome people

Happy Monday! We are getting in the swing of the bike. It takes us
about 30mins for us to bike there. But we don't bike everyday the
members are really helping us out. Occasionally we will get a ride in
the morning and then hope and pray we can get a ride back haha.
Something that is unfortunate is our day is cut short due to the
travel. We have to leave by 8:10pm most of the time because we talk to
people on the way back. One time though we had a lesson that got out
at 9:30pm and we thought we had a ride. We find out at 9:40pm that we
actually didn't. So we got to bike back home and got there at about
10:15pm. That's really late for us haha. So we are working it out so
that never happens again.
  We are teaching 2 awesome people right now and I know I have at
least mentioned C. She is slowly progressing. When we first met
her she said she did not believe in God and now she believes that he
is possibly there! One step at a time haha. The spirit is really
working on her right now she can feel it and her family members are
noticing the difference as well. She has some unique challenges though
that would stop her from being baptized quickly. She is going to be
finishing the BOM within the next month probably. She is really fun to
teach. She has got brilliant questions that put a little extra spunk
into my personal studies. It's great.
  K is our other Investigator she is also actively reading and
praying. She came to a baptismal service yesterday where we were
actually asked last minute to present the restoration. It worked out
really well because we were able to directly aim it at her. Afterwords
a member asked her why she was investigating and she she said " if
someone is claiming to have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ I
would not be Christian if I didn't want to look into it." :)
Halllelujah some people are able to think clearly. What makes them
able to do that comes down to being humble.
   Elder N continues to entertain and inspire me. There is not
one spot of guile in that man. I want to be like him haha.
I love you all so much - Elder Wagner

I am not naming her this time because I don't want to get attached... Like I did with Victoria my last bike haha      

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