Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3, 2015
Hey family this email will be brief. Our good friend T is getting
baptized on the 14th! He just kind of fell into our hands and readily
accepted to be baptized! It always seems to happen that way. We work
really hard  then the Lord places someone right under our noses. We
are really excited for him.
We were around our mission President last night and he took me and
Elder N aside and said. "I got a really interesting comment from some
people in your ward." At that we got kind of nervous haha. " some
people have told me that you are the best missionaries that this ward
has seen. You are friends with everyone, you work hard and most
importantly you don't flirt." Apparently that had been a problem in
the past.
 That really made me happy, we were not seeing as many results as we
expected but the ward appreciates our work. It is fulfilling :)
 Read your scriptures everyday and pray
Love Elder Wagner

July 20, 2015
Hey Family!
I don't have much time today so I will just summarize. We have this
area appointment book we are digitizing everything which has been pretty stressful.                                                                                                                                                                                We are taking all of the records of our pi's,
investigators, converts, and less actives for the last 6-8 years and
typing them into our I pads. It is exhaustive but when it is done it
will be an enormous help to hasten the work.
   This week has not been the easiest. I struggle a lot with
executing. I usually know what I need to do most of the time at least
it is in my brain. However turning my head knowledge into action has
not been the easiest. I guess that is where the spirit comes in. I
guess the reason this is on my mind is because yesterday we had a
lesson that did not go so well. There was not much we could have done
differently but I was still annoyed at myself for not handling the
situation better.
   We were teaching 2 girls who are best friends they both seemed to
have a debilitating case of ADHD. It took an hour to read about 8
verses. The spirit was not there and I was loosing my patience and
Elder N thought it could not have gone better. We asked them if
they were actually going to look into this and they both said no. Then
Elder N spouts out "sweet when can we meet with you next?!?" In
my head I was just thinking that we should drop them right then and
there, but my companions optimism got the best of me. We told them,
that if they would read and text us about it, that we would meet with
them again. Lo and behold we got a text from them this morning! They
have both read!
    Negative emotions are never good. It can turn a good situations bad
and a bad situation worse. So why even have them? Of course it is not
easy when those feeling do come, but I made a decision before hand not
to let my negative feeling affect anyone else. Especially my awesome
    So that is what I learned this week. I love you all
Elder Wagner

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