Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sorry I am a day late, just as you predicted Dad a lot of snow came in on P-day which really ruined a lot of our plans including coming to the library. When it snows everything shuts down here. I thought it was really funny that you mentioned Bojangles, because it was the first restaurant I noticed haha I thought the name was really odd so I actually took a pic of it.                                   Speaking of food we have been getting fed pretty well we have dinner appointments at least twice a week which is apparently a lot better than it used to be before I came here. The Branch is super great I don't know one person in it who is not a convert. Which is pretty neat to see. Also it can make things a little more interesting haha.                                                                                                                                              As far as the accents go I think I am starting to pick it up. You really have to strain your ears to understand what they are saying. The people are super nice someone told me it's a little thing called southern hospitality, though every once in awhile we may receive just the opposite. Just last night a drunken "reverend" told us quite loudly that we were straight from hell haha, it was interesting.                                                               I kinda talked about how we had a goal to teach 5 lessons last week. Well we ended up teaching 6! oh yeah! It was a pretty busy week filled with it's ups and downs, but I think I am finally adjusted to the missionary life. I don't think I even have a comfort zone anymore which makes doing the work real easy.                                                                                                                                                                      We had a miracle happen this week. It's a pretty long story so I will tell you about over skype in April.
          I have begun to notice that the way I pray is changing. Instead of just going through the normal prayer mode stuff they have become much more specific and meaningful. So I guess my challenge to you guys is not to pray because thats what your supposed to do pray because you want to. It will make it more personal and special. Tell him whats going on, your hopes, your fears, your questions. You will notice that the way you say things in your prayers will change. It has made a big difference for me. I love you all I pray for you everyday- Elder Wagner

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