Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hello! It's good to see that you have set some goals. I have found that if we are not trying to improve ourselves we begin to decline. That's why as missionary's we are set daily and weekly goals so that we are always progressing or at least trying to. The area that I'm in really needs a set of dedicated missionary's who want to see results. The branch can see our desire to work and has given us work to do. There are a lot of less actives so we are spending a lot of time visiting them, but we also tract every single day which  helps us to not get complacent. We have set up about five different lessons with investigators  this week and if they all work out I am going to literally jump for joy. We will see though.                               3 of those 5 were practically next door neighbors which is super convenient. One of them was washing his car and we came up and just started helping him. He seemed a little confused at first, but he eventually warmed up to us and invited us back on Wednesday. There are basically two types of people over here. 1.) Baptists 2.) People who dislike organized religion (Inactive baptists). We try to get lessons with both, but it is very difficult unless they are older. We have one progressing investigator named Mitchel who is a very bright young man attending Long Wood University. I love teaching him because he is not critical, but has a lot of questions which we just love to answer. We are going to try to get him a baptism date this next week.                            

Funny story I forgot to tell. On My first day on the mission after we received our new companion, President Wilson challenged us to have a opening song at every lesson. I thought that might be a little weird, but I was willing to try it. Then we sung a closing hymn. My companion is very loud and bold with his singing which would be just great if he could hold a tune... The only lesson I let him sing at was with a 90 year old man who has Amnesia haha. Its all good though, I think he is getting better.                                                                             I have inherited a bike which is awesome! But Elder Jorgensen's bike is broken so we walk every where, which is fine with me because we get to talk to more people and it fills up the day a little more.                          

   I will send some more pictures next week if I can remember to bring my camera. I love you all. Keep striving to improve yourself and you will. -Elder Wagner                                                                                                                                                      

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