Saturday, February 1, 2014

First Week

I have to be quick so I will just let you know what is going on. On the first day my head almost exploded. I never realized how big of a commitment this was till I was laying in my bed at night trying to sleep (which was impossible). The spirit is so strong here though so it really helps. The first thing I realized is that I know nothing haha. My companion is a scripture wizz and I need to catch up. Funny thing happened my original companion never showed up! No one knows where the hizzle he is which is kind of sad. Im in a district with seven elders and they are all going to Housten texas so Im kind of a loner.... Not really though haha They are all great and super fun. The MTC is nice and all, but I just want to get out there. Some advice for aspiring missionarys go out with the elders or sisters in your ward as much as possibe I can't begin to tell you how helpful it is to have some real hands on experience.Im not even goin to try to fix my spelling errors cause I am short on time , but I promise I can still spell. I love you all and I am thinking about you. Remember that God loves his children and wants them home, see that they get there. Love Elder Wagner

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