Thursday, February 20, 2014

Made it to Virginia

Hey all! I am Finally in Virginia. Yess! My new companions name is Elder Jorgensen. He has been out for 6 months and I am his first trainee. He is a really good guy and I happy to have him. Apparently his last companion was super lazy so he said it was a relief to get a fresh greeny haha. Meeting the mission President was cool there was 20 people in our group so I never had a chance to really talk to him. I did mention Grandpa and he said he knew him pretty well and that was about it. He is actually a pretty funny guy though he cracks jokes a lot. I don't think they have any yogurt places out in the east, I haven't seen one yet so next time you go to yogurt hut and they have a buy one get one free day get one in memory of me ;) Oh I called your cell phone Dad in the airport, but you didn't answer so I left you a nice message (you should check your voice mail). I'm glad you finally got rain over there turns out every once in a while God does answer prayers! He has definitely answered mine these last three weeks. I'm in Farmville and they have a small branch here. I will send you a video that shows how small. (Its in an out let business place haha). There are about 80 members and there is a lot of work to be done. There is also a language spoken here that I havn't mastered yet it's called "old black man". I seriously cannot under stand a single word they say! My companion says I will eventually start picking it up, Apparently he can understand them haha. Everyone here is super friendly and nice. At first walking up to random people and talking about our church was out of my comfort zone, but I think I am getting better. Whenever I am about to approach someone I just say in my head " Be Bold" and "they are Gods children". That kind of helps me out. Being a missionary is different than anything I could have imagined. It is full time and I need to embrace that. Any way I'm going to end here so I can up load some pictures, but I love you all . Help the missionaries out they have family at home that miss them and want them to be successful give them your support as you have given me. Pray everyday and know that God loves you. -Elder Wagner
 Oh yeah Please send me some CD's!! like "Piano
Guys" they have a lot of good music that we can listen too. my address is 801 Griffin Boulevard Farmville VA 23901 please post it to my Facebook page if anyone would like to write me.

Kalebs new companion Elder Jorgensen

MTC District, they are all going to Texas and Kaleb is going to Virginia :)

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