Thursday, February 12, 2015

"housemates are health nuts"

Shout out to Brother Jewkes!! I love that man.
   Oh Mom I have not told you this yet but all of my housemates are health nuts... They are just getting into it and whenever they see me eating a quesidilla or bagels with cream cheese, they are always like "do you have any clue what you are putting in your body?" and I am always like of course I do! I probably know better than you do." haha I need to repent though. It is spendy to eat healthy and Im not willing to spend 50 bucks on groceries a week only to run out and really lose some weight from starving the last week of the month. That happened a couple times in Farmville. We got down to eating stuff from out the cabinet of hopelessly expired food. The Lord provided though with a random pizza delivery from the senior missionaries on the last day before our msf refilled haha.
   Here is a learning experience from the week. I was going to give a training on how to uses time wisely and I remembered that a while back I had actually calculated how much time missionaries have to go out and proselyte in two years. If you subtract things like sleeping, meetings, studies, driving time, p-day, lunches and dinners, among st a host of many other things that we have to do, our time to serve the Lord becomes very limited. Now of course all these things are important and necessary, but I did this to simply put in perspective how much time we really have. When you do the math and round it up Elders have about 8 months to actually be doing the work and Sisters have about 6 months. Whoa! Whats even more is that I have been out for more than a year now so cut 8 months in half... Times is precious, but the beautiful thing is that you can incorporate missionary work into those things that may waste time. For example instead of laying on the ground and starring at the ceiling during lunch I can be making phone calls, or take a lunch with me when we go out. During P day I can give a card out to the lady at Walmart. During car rides I can organize and update the Area book. Of course this is not easy to do and I am still really working at being better with my time, but it is important to remember that this life is is just the blink of an eye. There is a time for everything and now is the time to labor in the lords vineyard. Many hand also make light work though so do all you can to support missionaries where ever you are. They need a lot more help than they let on and a lot of the times they can shy away from asking for help because they don't want to be a burden. So do it for them ask them if you can do anything! I promise they will have something. 
   I love you guys so much and I think about you all the time. Elder Wagner

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