Monday, May 4, 2015

Cool thing happened this week

Thank you Mom for being willing to go out with the missionaries. That has been a particular struggle in this area for me. We don't really have any sign up or assigned splits so whenever we set up an appointment me and my companion basically call every single person in the Ward roster and out of the 10 that pick up we can usually get one person to go out with us. However, after all that hard work (it takes about 45mins to call everyone) we show up to the lesson and no one is there even though we confirmed 4 hours before. At that point I get pretty drained haha. Thankfully though the members that do come out with us are willing to tract or contact potentials/less actives during that time so it is not completely ineffective.
   Plus I really do have a strong testimony on what an impact it has on members simply going out with missionaries. Most particularly with me, but also others as well. If any man or women wants to prepare to be in the presence of Heavenly Father again going out with the missionaries regularly is a fantastic start haha. Never will you be around any other person so focused and committed to following Christs example and self improvement than the missionaries. It is almost contagious especially when you do have the opportunity to help them teach. 
   I shared a story with my mission president the other week in an email that I don't believe I shared with you. If I have my apologies. But here it is “Cool thing happened this week. We took a member out with us that we never had been out with to a lesson this week. The member was a great help during the lesson and thanked us for inviting her along. Not an hour later she texts us and tells us she has a friend that wants to take the lessons. Excited and curious we ask her a ton of questions about this guy. Come to find out that this member was driving back from the lesson and saw a man walking on the side of the road. She felt impressed to go and pick him up and so she did. She drove him home and the guy began asking her what can of person would pick up random strangers and she said well what would Jesus do? He asked her what church she goes to and one thing lead to another and we are planning on meeting him this week!
Bringing members is important to help us and the Investigators but I also think it is easy to forget what kind of impact simply going out with the missionaries can have on members. It makes them more aware of what we do and more willing to follow the promptings that everyone receives to do missionary work. As servants we have an impact that is seen and unseen. I am grateful though that we got to see this one.”

   Reminded me a little bit about when we gave some guy a ride to phoenix on the way home from church. Anyway this week has been great. Especially because they announced that we will finally be receiving  ipads some time in June!!!!! Whoohoo! I don't have much details besides that but I am sure they will give us more so that I can inform you. 
   I look forward to SEEING you guys on Sunday!!!!! Love Elder Wagner
1.) I don't really know what to say other than we had a littlebit of time before Stake Conference started haha

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