Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I have a new companion! his name is Elder H he is from Louisiana. He is pretty sweet. He is a hard worker so that is all I can ask for. This week not to much has happened. Besides the fact that we dropped like 10 of our investigators because they were just not making any progress and not keeping appointments. We will still make an effort to see them but now we are focusing on really looking for people who are prepared. We will plant seeds along the way but someone has got to pick the fruit from the plant that has actually been growing. So pretty much our whole goal this week is to find as many people as humanly possible and create a new teaching pool.         
  Nothing much interesting to say besides the fact that I got yelled at so loud by this women that I had to wipe the spit that was flying out of her mouth off my face that was fun.

Love you guys -Elder Wagner

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