Monday, July 28, 2014

Unusual as usual

Things here are unusual as usual. 

Hey Family!! Sounds like things are as usual back at home. Things here are unusual as usual. My companion Elder P is getting transferred which means I will have a new companion come tuesday. I was super bummed! I learned a ton from Elder P He was much more organized and way good at planning which are my 2 biggest weaknesses. Now I will just have to apply those things he taught me. He would always say "The kingdom of God or nothing!" to which i would reply with Brigham Young's quote "Work hard or go to Hell!" haha We both really buckled down. The only time we weren't doing missionary work was when we went to bed. During lunch we would make a quick pb and j and spend the rest of the time scheduling appointments and calling members to come out with us. At night we would spend an hour planning and then the last 30 mins before bed we would cram down some food brush our teeth and maybe write in our journal (ususally not haha) . 
  It's funny I don't look at food the way I used to. When I eat now its simply to just fill up the tank. We bike so much it is almost disgusting and by the end of the day I am completly drained. That's why it is so nice to have members come out with us cause that means we get to ride in a car for a short while. Of course that is not the real reason but it is certainly a plus.
   Tomorrow I reach my 6 month mark!! I know that really is not to long, but everybody says your first 6 months are the hardest. Looking back I honestly can only remember the good times so I am definetly looking forward to the year and half more of swell times haha.
   I have found the secret to being a happy missionary is talking to everybody. It is never easy to do it and I can't say I am 100% proficient at it, but as we try to improve the Lord blesses us with the ability to do it even better the next time.

   Well thats all the news that is news hope all is well love "Yall" ;) -Elder Wagner

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