Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rain doesn't stop anything

My companions  is everything you would expect a long distance runner to be. Funny, Goofy, Hard working and stubborn haha. Just like me!
   Soooo this week was interesting as usual. I had guy tell me that I was going straight to hell because of Joe smith and that blasted Book of the Norman. I don't know why its so difficult to say Mormon... But most of the time that's what black folk call us. Fortunately I learned my lesson last week and simply bore testimony and humbly thanked him for the conversation and we left on good terms besides the fact that he prayed that are wayward souls would come to know who Christ truly is. But we didn't get mad or defensive like I did with the other guy so I gave myself a pat on the back :)
  Also for the first time I had the chance to teach the law of chastity to a family to which it would actually apply. It was pretty intense as we talked and discussed I realized what a blessing it is to have parents who are not only married but also ceiled in the temple. It is such a comfort that I am truly grateful for.
  We have one solid investigator who I might have talked about a couple of times. His name is Reginald. he has been attending church and meeting with us like 3 times a week. And just this last Saturday he attended a baptism. He liked it and He said that he felt the spirit. Me and Elder Yardley are staying together another transfer so we have faith that Reginald will get baptized before next transfer.
   This week I learned that rain doesn't stop anything. No matter what the weather is we are always warm and wet. I would rather be wet due to water than to sweat so I actually like it when it rains it also helps get inside peoples houses ;)
   That's about it for the weekly report Hope all is well, stay strong and carry on love -Elder Wagner
 p.s. I like receiving pictures to even of the boring stuff so don't be afraid to send some my way :)

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