Thursday, November 13, 2014

This week has gone by incredibly fast. The ward is really beginning to like us a lot! we have dinners scheduled for the next month and a half it is a miracle! Also the work is really moving along as usual when we got here the elders were not working with anybody, but now we have got appointments scheduled almost every night. We are still Working with the family from Uganda and have a meeting with them tomorrow. Now that we have all these people that we are working with now we just have to sift the wheat from the tares. I have a feeling that I am going to be here for a while which I am perfectly content with. I love Woodbridge it is busy busy busy with all sorts of different people.
   Alright funny story time. Elders do this thing sometimes where they have pictures of girls they are staying in contact with and they show them off to other Elders. This happened once in Farmville and it was a picture of a highschool graduation picture of somone in a ward this Elder had served in. I thought she was quite cute but I also thought it odd that she was writing him because this Elder was very interesting. He talked about how they have future plans and stuff and I was a greeny so I didn't really know anything. Any way so fast forward to yesterday. We are at a members house and I was looking at the pictures on the wall of their children and one of them was the exact same picture that I saw in Farmville. I asked the family if they new a "certain" Elder and they said yes. "We even sent a picture of our daughters graduation photo to him and his companion because we thought they were nice." The light bulb went off in my head and I started laughing really hard. I explained to this family the experience that I had 8 months prior and how this elder thought he was going to marry their daughter. The whole family looks at me shocked. Then we all start laughing. I feel bad for that Elder but is to funny not to share. 

   Miracles continue to happen here. I have knowledge that when we pray in faith for something and it is a righteous desire and we then go out to accomplish it God will answer our prayers. Its just a fact. I have seen it time after time. The only problem is that we have to remember to do it. Recently I have been constantly checking myself to make sure I am applying all the things that I have learned because if we don't use it we forget it and if we forget it we might as well have never had it in the first place. I remember in Elementary school they taught us how the government is full of checks and balances so things don't get out of control and so we must do with our lives. Check yourself before you wreck yourself! Love Elder Wagner

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