Monday, November 17, 2014

Cool story time. We were walking around a sketchy area late at night talking to every thing that moved when we got to a man by a dumpster. We talked to him for a bit and it became apparent that he was missing something. He told us that he was in the dangerous trade of "supply and demand" and that he was content with his life. Elder P is really good at asking questions and it got to the point where he asked this man  "What are you missing in your life?" Things got really quite and the spirit came rushing in when he said "My Momma." This man had plenty of rough edges but he still clung onto the one person who had ever shown him true sincere *undefiled affection. We told him of someone who had as much love and more love for him who created a plan that allows us to be with our loved ones again. We don't really knew how he took it but he did say that he was waiting for us to go over and talk to him when he saw us walking around and that he was glad that we did. We are getting in contact with him 2 days from now so we will see what happens. I am thankful for those opporitunities that the Lord gives us to meet someone who has been prepared and is looking for truth. It takes a lot of trust on his part which leaves a lot of responsibility on our part. Always be ready to share the Gospel it needs to be on the tip of your tongue and when it is the Lord will bless you by seeing others come to Christ. I love you all and to all a goodnight -Elder Wagner

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