Monday, December 29, 2014


   Hey Family! it was great seeing you all for Christmas! That was the best gift, other than that the members spoiled us with a ton of stuff we weren't expecting. 
   This last Sunday was pretty interesting. First off Me and Elder P gave talks about how our parents have helped us, so I had a lot of good things to say about you guys. We also had a total 4 inv's from Sierra Leon. In our ward we only have one active member from Sierra Leon so he was really excited to see some people to relate too. Come to find out that one of the people we brought was his Niece!! They hadn't seen each other since he left Africa 8 years ago. Whats more is that the other two folk that we brought new each other too!! One had been this girls teacher back in Africa when she was 10 years old and had not seen her since she left his class. She is now about 25. All this happened in a gospel principles class in an LDS church in Virginia. It's a small world after all!
   Elder P was kind of sad this Christmas because his parents didn't really send him anything. And you guys sent a ton so I felt pretty bad. So I surprised him with a ton of gifts for Christmas. Most of it was my own stuff that I knew he liked. So I wrapped it all up and Christmas morning he had a ton of gifts. He was excited :) It truly is a lot better giving than receiving. I really like to think about creative things I can do for people and then watch their reactions when they see it. Just warms the soul. 
   The work over here is awesome. Transfers is coming up and I feel like I might be sent off, I really don't want to go though... I have grown to love this ward and to love my companion. Plus we are working with some pretty solid people. Who knows though I could be here for six more months. Where ever the lord needs me I suppose. 
   Well I love you all keep the missionary spirit up. I love your stories! Stay strong and carry on!

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