Monday, January 5, 2015

I am so glad Oregon won!  The one year that I won't be able to see them win they probably will. I wish I had a duck tie to wear on game day haha.  
   One of the ward missionaries is a big SEC fan. When I brought up that there prized star got beat and that they don't have anyone going to the championship game he got pretty upset haha it was great.
   So P is going to be baptized this week! I am so excited. That guy is just amazing. Hopefully he can help us convert all of our other African friends. I will send you picks and everything. I have been practicing "I Like to Look For Rainbows" on the guitar I don't know if I will do it at the baptism, but I might surprise everybody ;) It is weird I never had any desire to be a good singer, but it is such a useful tool to use. We are advised to sing at every lesson but it is kind of hard to do when we sound like a bunch of pelicans. So I have been practicing singing. I am not much good but I am much better than when I left from home haha. 
   Transfers is this next week. I have no clue if I am staying or going, but I would be happy with both. Elder Peterson has been getting really sick these past couple of weeks on and off so we have not been able to get out much besides to the lessons that I have been trying to schedule. It really is not a good idea to be sitting in the house all day. You begin to get complacent. Which as in emails before I have indicated is the worst thing that can happen. So I am thinking I am going to get a new companion.

   Other than that not to much to report I am glad that you are all staying busy and happy I love you very much Elder Wagner

Some scarfs that members made us for Christmas. We went and racked leaves that morning

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