Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Being Transferred

Hey all! Thanks for the Duck tie! It is just subtle enough that you can't tell what it really is till you look real close. It is perfect haha. I forgot to bring my Camera to day so I can't send any pictures.. which is really unfortunate cause I had all the pictures of the baptism on there that I wanted to show you. I'll be sure to bring it next week.
   The baptism was amazing. I had to throw it all together 3 days before it happened by myself cause my companion was unconscious. Needless to say it was hectic. For example the bishop almost canceled the baptism cause he didn't think that P had a testimony. Others were asking me to put it on another day because no one would be able to make it.  I lost the only key to the baptismal font 2 hours before the baptism. We had someone from another ward Baptizing P and the bishop was unaware of it (my fault) and he was going to make one of us jump in a suit and do it. P had to be dunked twice. One of are speakers forgot that he was speaking and all the while one of our investigators was lost on her way to the baptism. 
   Despite all of that it was the best baptism I have ever attended. Once me and Elder P were able to locate the key we had an hour to fill up a font that took two hours to fill. So by ourselves we began filling up water pitchers  in the near by kitchen and rotated between filling them up and dumping them into the font. We filled that baby up in 45mins. We personally called members and invited them to come to the baptism. The ward mission leader thought we might have 10-15 people there. We had about 30. P was Baptized by one of his best friends that we were able to track down from Sierra Leon that he had not seen in 3 years till they were reunited in the men's bathroom 10 mins before it started. He brought a recommendation from his Bishop and he was able to baptize P. The other person who was speaking unknowingly planned to talk about both topics that we needed. So it was alright that the original speaker did not show up. We got our investigator there and just in time for it to start. She had a great time.
   The crowning moment however is when P bore his testimony. WOW! It was so powerful. In it he said these words. "Elder Wagner and Elder P I want you to know that your efforts with me will not be wasted and that you are more than friends to me, we are brothers. Most of all I cannot wait to partake in the blessing that come in attending the temple both for my ancestors and for me." I will cherish that moment for ever. Life is made up with failed plans, chaos, unexpected trials, and doubt. If we endure and have faith we will be able to take part in complete joy for just a few moments that make all the difficulties beforehand worth it. 
   In other news I am being transferred and am becoming a District Leader whatever that is... I have enjoyed my time here and will miss many but I am glad that it ended right. 
 I love you all have a great week :)

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  1. Glad you are doing so well....that was quite a story about how things can go so seemingly wrong yet turn out exactly right...kind of "real life", isn't it?!!

    It's going to be wonderful to see you in a year...miss you!