Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Area, New Companion

 I am now in the Manchester Ward. It is by far the largest ward I have been in so far. My new companion is Elder B he actually came out with me, but at about 5 months he went home because of a family crisis or something. So now he is fresh back out with me and it is kind of weird. 7 months ago I was a different missionary than I am now. So we are both in different stages. It is kind of confusing. I am now in a house with two other Elders as well. It is a lot of fun, but I think the work goes on a lot better when it is just you and your companion that live together. That way you are more forced to get along with each other haha. I am sure everything will work out though. I have now had 8 companions and by the end of each one I have always loved my companions to death.
  Over here in Manchester we have just been trying to figure out what is going on here and getting to know the ward. It is pretty diverse. We have every class of people you can immagine. Millionaires, middle class, to straight poor and everything in between. Which is really great cause it allows for the ward to support eachother in different ways.
  I am in a car again which I am not to disappointed about around this time of year haha. Fortunately the weather has been pretty mild thus far minus one huge Ice storm. They don't have those in Oregon! Everything freezes. I mean everything. There will be about 3 inchs worth of ice coating cars, mailboxes, and blades of grass as well. 
  I will really miss Dale city I made a lot of friends and found a lot of success. No area is perfect and it is what you make of it.So I am going to make this Area my favorite this far. 
  In the mission (and probably every mission) there is this big debate about numbers. "It is not about the numbers it is not about the numbers." I was listening to President Wilson talk about this and he said " we had 5 baptsims this last week and we are grateful for it, but I Know there are so many more people who are prepared in Virginia this week than 5." That really hit me. There are 100's more willing to accept the gospel and the only thing that inhibits that is our vision and our faith to find. This involves setting goals. So I set one for myself to baptize once a month till the end of my mission. It is a pretty big goal but there are so many people who are prepared here we just have to find them.
  I loved that you guys are involverd in missionary work. It makes me happy and I know it makes you happy to though it might be hard to realize at times. members of the ward truley can hasten the work they just need the vision. 
 The Book is blue and the church is true Elder Wagner

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