Monday, January 26, 2015

"The darkest part of night occurs just before the sun arises."

Hey family, This week has been ups and downs. Being on a mission makes you super aware of your weaknesses. I am really effective if I know the area and I know the members. When that happens the ball is rolling really fast. However when I am moved to a new area I get really scattered brained for about 3 weeks. I forget names incredibly fast, I get lost, I lose things myself (which is why I used the credit card to pay for groceries last week cause I lost my msf card). All of these things decrease my confidence in myself which then affects everything else I do. Fortunately I am just leaving that stage, but I never like going through that process haha.
   There is a quote in batman which says "The darkest part of night occurs just before the sun arises." That has definitely been true for most of my mission. This last week we were having a pretty rough time. Then on Sunday everything clicked. We found a ton of solid potentials the kind that we pray for every night one door right after the other. It was absolutely amazing. For example, we were talking to this girl who was very interested in the BOM when all of the sudden this guy from the apartment above us brings both me and my companion a glass of water with ice and then walks off. We scheduled a return appointment with the girl we were talking to and set off to find this guy. The first door we knock on is his and he begins to tell us how the man he respects the most owns this zoo that he worked at and is the bishop of the ward there. He was delighted to meet with us! and wants to learn more.
   To cap it off though we found a young family that let us in and at first the husband was skeptical but as soon as me and Elder B got warmed up with how to begin teaching he did a complete 180. It was one of those times where both their eyes locked onto mine and they were listening with their hearts when the first vision was recited. The spirit rushed into that room real quick. From that point on it was just a home run. Such an awesome expereience. 
   Thats about it for this week here are some pics from Dale city

 P is the one that is closest to me and M his long lost friend baptized him

Me and Elder Peterson goofing off

Love the tie (Oregon ducks tie)

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