Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This week was an exciting one. We found a whole slew of gods elect. Probably the most we have found in a week since I was in Lakeridge second ward. Things are starting to happen here and its great. Speaking of Lakeridge second ward, I got a call form them the other night. Slightly confused I asked what was up. R the Ghanaian who I taught for almost 5 months has finally decided to be baptized and he wants me to do it! So this Weekend ( If I can find a ride) I will be going up to put him under. He has been ready this whole time he just had some road blocks in his mind that he could not get over. He will make an interesting member. He has got some unique ideas that he loves to share during gospel principles that make people kind of nervous haha but that's what makes church interesting!! That is kind of the reason that I liked Farmville so much. There was never a dull moment. 
   That phone call was the answer to so many prayers. I love R so much. I remember on the 4th of July we just went on a walk through the neighborhood with him for about 30min, to watch the Fireworks that people were setting off. We talked about his family, some of his goals and his struggles. He was well aware of our purpose ( we had made it known to him many times ) but just for a moment we enjoyed each others company. I don't know why I love that memory so much but I hold it very dear to my heart.
   I always learn something different form each of my companions And with Elder B I have learned how to really listen to people and what they are saying. He is very good at noticing  important details when people speak to him that I  tend to miss. We are getting along really well. I have also learned how to pick and choose my battles. In the past if I had a disagreement with someone I would stop at nothing to let them know that they are wrong. No matter how insignificant the disagreement was. For example me and Kyle would have heated debates on simple things like the definition of words haha.
Now however if it is something of no consequence I just drop it, or I try to really listen to what they are saying and I usually find that we are both on the same page but don't realize it. 
   The mission is great. I am doing the work and loving it as well (there is a difference). I am grateful to have such a happy family at home and that though there are things that come up. Everything is okay. Continue to pray and read the scriptures daily love -Elder Wagner

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