Monday, March 23, 2015

Alma 17:1-2

 So R's baptism. It was great I got to go up to it with one of my favorite companions Elder Y. We were the ones who originally found and started teaching him. It was also good to see a bunch of familiar faces at the baptism, but most of all it was good to see Reginald again. In Alma 17:1-2 it talks about how awesome it is to reunite with old friends, but it is even better when your old friends are still in the gospel or have found it while you were separated. That was most definitely the case on Saturday. We got the baptism right the first time fortunately and we had a nice big hug afterword. When we were changing in the bathroom I asked him what got him to this point and he said "the missionaries and the members supported and kept on encouraging me and God helped me make the step and I thank him for it." 
   To tell you the truth I was not sure if he would ever do it, but he did. We just always need to be there to help and invite others who we may not be to sure about, because we all have unlimited potential. If someone has confidence in us the lord does and I have confidence in him so I need to have the hope that people can and will make changes to their lives if I do my part. 
   Other than that Me and Elder B went to a baptist church the other night. It was interesting, a couple of folks tried to "save us" but when we told them that we had faith in Christ as our Savior and that through him we can go to heaven they almost seemed disappointed haha. All they hear about us is that we worship Joseph Smith and do good things just so that we can "earn" our way to heaven. So false. Anywho It was overall a good experience. They were generally friendly and welcoming. 
   That's about it for this week as far as out of the norm things, I love you all! Stay strong and carry on -Elder Wagner

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