Monday, January 18, 2016

I don't think the last week of my mission could end any better!!
Today Me and Elder Green Are having lunch with President Wilson. I
told him in my last email that it is hard dying with someone. I think
he finds it amusing haha.

Tomorrow we go to the Temple!!! It has only been 2 years since I have
been able to return and report. When I served in Dale city I was
literally a 15 minute drive away but we still couldn't go.. So I am
super excited.

On Wednesday there is a world wide mission conference. This is the
first time they have ever done this and I get to see it while on the

Thursday will be a day full of applying the principals that we learned
from that conference. Plus we get to go interview one of the district
leaders Baptismal Candidates out in Piedmont. I am pretty sure Elder
Green will be dong this one because I did the last one. Interviewing
people is one of my favorite things to do. You get to talk to someone
firsthand about their conversion while it is still so fresh on their

Friday is Kristins Baptism. Me and Elder Neuman found her down at VCU
6 months ago and now she is ready. We are are going to drive down
together with a member to Richmond to see it. I get to have 3 hours of
quality time with my son not long before I go, which I am super
grateful for :) I am sure he will chastise me on the kind of person I
need to be after the mission.. I am looking forward to it haha.

Saturday we are teaching Ethan's girlfriend and then there is a laurel
who invited her friend over to dinner with us last week. We taught her
and then she came to church that Sunday! We are meeting with her and
the other girl on Saturday. The youth have really come alive in this
Ward! It's to bad we are leaving because things are picking up
amazingly fast as far as referrals go.

Sunday. The girl I wrote about last week who believes in God now( her
name is Julie), she is getting baptized!!! There is a whole long story
about this one and most of it we didn't know until Saturday. It came
by surprise to us. (They were worried her parents wouldn't approve but 
her mom asked her if she was thinking about converting, Julie said yes and
she asked if that would make them mad and the mom said no but that she
wants to be involved and learn with her)

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have worked with her! She is so
full of faith and positivity you can just hear it in her voice. I am
so grateful that the Lord has allowed us to see one more person to
make covenants right before we leave.

In the beginning of the Transfer me and Elder green made a bunch of
goals that we called the Sacred Six Sweeks. I wanted to keep with the
S theme haha. We have tried really hard to make them. Some of them we
fell short on and some we have kept. Whatever the case this last
week will be be very special to me. Every morning I put on my name tag
while looking in the mirror and I make that a moment where I kinda
center myself and remind myself who I am and who I represent. This has
been going on for quite a while now and it has helped me so much. The
day where I am not Elder Wagner will be a very sad one. "But it is not
this day!" -Aragon

I love you all -Elder Wagner

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