Monday, January 11, 2016

Member Referrals

This last week flew right on by. I love member referrals. I know I
have mentioned this a lot lately but it is so much easier and so much
more effective. More than half the people I worked with who joined the
church had members who led them there. Julie the girl who's boy friend
brought her to a church activity is now progressing amazingly well.
When we first taught her she said that she didn't believe in God. We
then  taught her  all about prayer and asked her to pray every night
that week. We met with her again on Saturday and she said that she did
it everyday. Her Boy friend was surprised  haha. We then asked her "Do
feel like your prayers were heard?" She responded by saying " Ya know
what? I think I always believed in God I just forgot. But now I am
sure there is." She came to church Yesterday and loved it. The only
thing we need to work with now is once again getting her parents on
  How amazing is that?? It kind of reminds me of probably 20
different stories in the Book of Mormon. Sometimes we just forget and
all it takes is a couple nudges to help us remember. "Oh now my sons
remember, remember and perish not."
   There is a priest who comes out with us a lot and he has a
girlfriend as well. So we have kind of been hinting that we should
meet with her and after he has heard about his other friends who are
inviting there friends to church and taking the lessons he has invited
her to meet with us! Now we have got an appointment and everything.
It's a week from now which is slightly disappointing because we won't
be able to teach her all the way through due to us getting transferred
to another area and such.
  I don't know who's idea it was to have me and Elder Green die
together, but it was not a good one haha. He is probably my best
friend on the mission which is good but it's hard not to think about
the end when your companion is brining up home every 30 minutes....
  I am doing my best though!! This last transfer I feel closer to
Heavenly Father than I have ever felt before. I think it's because I
am being honest with him in my prayers. Telling him the things that I
messed up on and what I need help with. And guess what he answers :)
This helped me out so much with the work.
  Miracle time! So there is this part member family in which the
husband is not a member. He comes to church every week and
participates. He has been meeting with the missionaries for over a
year now and yet there has been no sign of him wanting to join. He is
the Sisters Investigator so we see him all the time but we never got
to teach him. Out of curiosity to see what was going on we had the
family sign up on our dinner calendar. We were on exchanges that night
so Elder Green wasn't there. The dinner was fine and I ended up
sharing a spiritual thought about who knows what and his wife asks us
to a have as all little testimony meeting . So she bares hers, then I
bare mine along with my companion, and then... He... Bares his... In
it he said that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph
Smith is a prophet and the this is Christ's church. I was
flabbergasted haha. His wife was watching my reaction and was waiting
for me to jump in and so something, but for whatever reason the moment
had past and we had a closing prayer. During the prayer the spirit
prompted me multiple times, "ask him what his concern is." So just as
we were about to leave I say " I gotta know man, what's your
concern??" Slightly taken off guard he pauses and says I don't really
have a concern, I am just waiting for her Brother to get into town so
he can be there for my Baptism. Now I am watching his wife's reaction.
Her jaw drops and after a few seconds she says "that's it? That's why
you haven't gotten baptized? Honey, he would have flew here last week
if he knew that was the case!"
  Pretty cool huh?? Now things are finally in motion for him and his
family. We will never miss out on anything if we simply do what the
Lord asks us to. Probably the best lesson I have learned out here in
Virginia. Love Elder Wagner

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