Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Elder Kaleb Wagner’s email home 3/31/14

I am convinced that the lord does not want me to email.. Every week something happens. Either its snow, terrible planning, or the computers shut off at the library for no reason. Right now I am emailing at the senior missionary's apartment just for that reason. Elder and Sister Chapels are their name and they are the best. Since the branch isn't to large meals and rides are limited. So they are pretty much like our parents away form home. Today they took us out and played tennis for a little bit and a couple weeks ago we played ticket to ride with them over at our apartment on P day. I am so grateful for them. I hope that someday I can go on another mission ;) You and Dad should plan on going someday!               

We got dropped by three people within the last two weeks two of which were soooo promising. Ones fiancĂ© told her to stop taking lessons from us, because he wants her to go to his family's church. And the guy who's car we washed who even had a baptismal date that he prayed about and received an answer for dropped us because his wife didn't like us to much... I don't know why, I think me and Elder Jorgensen are pretty hip. Besides that it has been a great two weeks! Missionary work is actually pretty fun and being bolds my favorite thing. We were teaching the restoration lesson to this black guy on his porch. He was chewing and drinking at the same time while we taught. When we started talking about prophets and how they lead and guide us. I just busted in there and said “Modern day prophets like Joseph have revealed to us a new commandment called the word of wisdom" haha so we taught him the word of wisdom right there whilst he was sipping on his beer and spitting out chew. He was slightly drunk so I don't know how effective it was but we got a return appointment next week!                                                                      
 I really like black folk. There is a recent convert named Henry who we are preparing to receive the priesthood. He is 84 years old and quite a hoot. On Sunday he was talking about how the dry cleaner wouldn't give him back his suit  or something and he told them in as southern accent as you can get " If I don't get my SUIT! thers gonna be trouble in the lan." I busted up laughing it almost brought me to tears haha. But he is such a loving guy. Last week he told us that he wouldn't miss a lesson with us for a million dollars while grinning and gave us big old hugs. That almost brought me to tears too. I'll send you guys a picture of him when I can.                                    
There are a couple of strange things about Virginia. 1.) Apparently people don't really bike around here because cars have no idea how to deal with us when we are on the road. They won't pass you unless we get on the side walk. It is really annoying. 2.) In Farmville there are hardly any side walks. 3.) everyone has some sort of carpentry experience I don't know why...                                        
All is well over here and I hope all is well over there I love you all so much stay strong and carry on - Elder Wagner

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