Thursday, April 24, 2014

My testimony is strengthened and my heart is filled with love

Spring has finally reached Virginia. And holy smoke it is beautiful! They Have this tree here called dogwood and when it is in bloom it is absolutely stunning. Everything is green and there is not to much humidity yet. Sometimes its there but so far it hasn't been to bad. The only thing is that the pollen here is insane. They call it the "green haze" its like a mist in some places. It's pretty foreign stuff to me. So foreign my eyes and nose think it is toxic. During the sacrement on easter sunday my eyes and nose were really acting up. I am pretty sure everyone thought I was an emotional wreck or something haha with all the sniffing and blood shot eyes, tears poring down my chin... I think my body is adjusting to it though slowly but surely. I sang in the choir for Easter Sunday. Apparently we did really well, because we got plenty of compliments afterwords. Choir has never been my thing but this time around I kind of enjoyed it :)         I can now understand Virginia's native tongue and am particularly fluent in the old black man dialect. Its awesome. And also makes teaching them a lot easier. The key is to really strain your ears.              My companion Elder Jorgenesen was made district leader a while back so we have been going on a lot of exchanges with the missionaries in our district. An Exchange is when you switch companions for a 24 hour period. That being the case I have had the opportunity to see a lot of different teaching techniques which has bee super beneficial to my learning process. Transfers is in on the 6th of May, which means I will most likely get a new comp and be taken out of Farmville. This also means I am done being trained!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!  Of course I will always still be learning but it will be nice to have a little more experience on my hands.             As far as the work goes me and my good old comp are still working our butts off everyday. We walk a ton, we tract a ton, and we teach a ton. Its not to hard to get lessons but thus far we haven't taught anyone past the Gospel of Jesus Christ (the start of the third lesson). I have found though that baring my testimony is my favorite thing to do in lessons. Because even if they tell us they are not interested or they don't feel like our message is worth the time of day. At least I know that I poured my whole soul in to them for that short 45 seconds and that they can make of it what they wish, but I will walk away with my testimony strengthened and my heart filled with of love which helps me bring the spirit to the next random stranger who I talk to. All is well here and it sounds like all is well there so I will leave it at that. Love you guys! -Elder Wagner
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  1. Good post...I suffer with hay fever too and find zyrtec helps me. It lasts for 24 hours and doesn't make me sleepy, which is a good thing. If you have your Mom order it over the internet it's the cheapest...just have her google it.

    Jeff and Katie Lynn went to a court date for Chance and the plan is that he's adoptable (with no other back up plan, like getting him back to the bio mom). We are so happy. I don't know how long it will be before he has Markham as his last name but it's going in that direction...

    Have a good week...hope the sneezes, runny eyes and other miseries leave soon (for both of us). :)