Thursday, May 1, 2014

"yes lords!" and "thank you Jesus's"

Hey home sounds like things have returned to normal. Except the part about Mom giving a thirty Minute talk!! Where did that come from haha. So a storm is moving up this way? I hope it is not any worse than the one we had last week. There was this huge thunderstorm striking all around us. One was so close it hit a power line near by and knocked out the electricity for like 5 hours. I took a couple of videos that I will send to you guys one day or another.  I got your package thanks a ton for the music and goodies. I am now in possession of 4 toenail clippers! And Yes! I do use them! It’s just that my right foot is about half an inch bigger than the other foot and a lot of the socks I have are pretty thin so they wear out pretty easy.  The package was super appreciated though, there is nothing better than getting a box that says Elder Wagner on it :)   I am looking forward to skyping with you guys too, but I have no idea how that whole deal is going to work. Mostly because I probably won't be in Farmville. The thing is that we don't know if we get transferred till this upcoming Saturday and even then we don't know where we are going till Tuesday.  By the way a three way Skype should work so long as the members computer I am using can handle it.                          

Now for Missionary stuff. These past couple of months I have held Elder Jorgensens hand much more than I would like to admit haha. Now before you start jumping to conclusions you have to realize how people pray around these parts! When they pray holding hands is a must, and just last night I discovered a new aspect of prayer. It was late and we had just finished a lesson with an interesting fellow and I offered to say the closing prayer. So us 3 guys held hands as is customary and then I began to speak and immediately I hear a big MMMMMHHhhhmmm! Yes Jesus! I almost started to laugh but I quickly caught myself as I probably would have been struck down by lightning. I tried to continue to pray with real intent but it was very difficult with all the "yes lords!" and "thank you Jesus's". Sufficed to say I was not able to get use to it so I cut the prayer short haha. People here get very excited about God and we will get plenty of Amen's until we start talking about Joseph Smith haha. That part though is the best because it's when you can see that their wheels in their heads start to turn instead of just mindlessly agreeing.                      
 I have got myself a soccer ball and am working on my soccer skills during the hour that we have before we go to bed. I should be pro by the time I get back haha.                   
 This Saturday We are going listen to Elder Bednar at a special Mission conference so I have been preparing myself by reading a hand full of his talks. Man that guy is a great teacher. One thing he said that kinda sunk pretty deep was that " Life lessons are caught not taught." This concept is pretty important in missionary work. We are trying to get them to make one of the biggest changes they will ever make in this life and believe it or not it does not come through teaching thee perfect lesson. If we can just get them to do 3 things consistently and with real intent they will be converted. 1.) Pray 2.) Read the Book of Mormon 3.) Go to church. That is it. I can throw 100s of balls at someone, but unless they make an attempt at grabbing one we can never play catch. Otherwise they will just be standing there with balls bouncing off their face. It may take a few tries but it is possible. I remember teaching Kysa how to catch a ball back in the good ol days and now she is pro! right Kysa? ha ha           
Well the work here is like the tide when it goes out me and Elder Jorgenesen Scramble to find those precious souls that have been washed up on the shore before the tide comes back in to take them back to the Ocean of worldly life. So far we have had some special moments with people but have not been able to get them home before the tide washes them away.
Though we are teaching a wonderful lady named Nichole! She is scheduled to be baptized on the 24th of May so we are still holding!!!!! And it seems that she is holding on as well :)
Anyway all is good here I learn something new each week and am loving the opportunity I love you all, stay strong and carry on - Elder Wagner

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