Saturday, May 31, 2014

If you love Him you will feed His Sheep

Hey everybody! sorry you didn't get this email Monday. They switched p day just for this week because people are home for the holiday.
   As a missionary we are very limited to what we can do. Honestly we need about a 100 hands to be effective, but we only have four so every little thing that members do to help the work along is so crucial. You may receive a call from the missionary's and think "can't they find someone else to help?" and on the other side of the phone the missionaries are thinking the exact same thing. But the truth is that every investigator is precious and so we only put them into the hands of people who we trust. And the people we trust are the ones who are truly converted to the gospel. I know the missionaries are so grateful for everything you do :)

  I love Bednar's talk that you mentioned (Bear up Their Burdens with Ease, April 2014) I could write a novel just commenting on the subject material.
  As far as missionary work goes it has become harder to differentiate what things I should share with you because the abnormal has become normal and those amazing spiritual experiences happen on a regular basis. To some up the work here we have a lot of investigators and we teach a lot and there is some progression. We went to dinner with a fellow named Reginald last night. I tried some things I never thought I would eat. Like squid, Octopus, Crayfish, some weird stuff that had the consistency of deep fried snot it was great! Anyway this guy Reginald is really Awesome he has a testimony of the BOM and of Joseph Smith but he won't agree to a baptismal date. He has some block that we haven't quite figured out. But I am sure we will. Anyway I got to get going love you guys continue to serve because if you love him you will feed his sheep : ) I love you all and pray for you reguraly -Elder Wagner
Took a spill into the only mud puddle in our area haha

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