Monday, May 19, 2014

When we keep the commandment we find happiness

Hey family! Life in Virginia is pretty awesome as usual! Mom I am so glad that you are going out with the missionary's! It really does give you a ton pf perspective. In Farmville most everyone we taught were very poor and when they saw a couple of white guys in white shirts and ties they immediately thought we were there to judge them, but to their surprise it was the exact opposite. We were there to help them and after talking to us for about 5 seconds they could see that.
    Woodbridge is the exact opposite of Farmville. Just about everybody works in DC for the government and are very well off. Fortunately we don't do any tracting. We just ride our bikes around and offer service and talk about the gospel with those who are outside and if that goes well they will let us inside!
    Last week we saw a couple of black guys playing basketball and our appointment fell through so we challenged them to a game of 2 on 2. Me and my companion are perfectly unified so we destroyed them haha. While we were playing all the neighborhood guys came out and started watching us and taking videos. After the game one of the black guys we played said " the lord has blessed you fellas with many gifts" haha. Afterwards we taught everyone in the neighborhood another lesson, but this one was called the Restoration ;) We didn't have enough Books of Mormon to hand out by the end of it haha, but there were enough for the ones who were actually listening. It was super awesome.
    It is awesome having a supportive ward we have members come out with us to almost every lesson. I cannot tell you the difference that makes. Everyone can see how devoted the missionary's are but when they see members who aren't missionary's but are just as devoted it kind of blows them away.
   Funny story time. So a lady in our ward works for Safeway so she has access to all the food that has expired that they are going to throw out. The food is still good though! Its mostly just different kinds of bread with some sweats as well. So instead of throwing it all away she gives it to the missionary's. We take a couple of things and then donate the rest of the food to the homeless. Beside global foods there is this forest that has this huge hobo camp, we call it tent city. Apparently this has been going on for years but this was going to be my first time doing it. So we both walk back there with this huge bag of food into the middle of the camp and ask some guys where we should set the food so that everyone can have access to it. This guy walks up and is like "The best place to put that is in the trash can! We don't want bread we want meat." someone else pipes in "Bread is bird food and I aint no bird" and to put the cherry on top someone else said " Don't you Jesus boys know that Jesus didn't eat no bread he ate meat!" I was flabbergasted... Jesus was a JEW!!!!! all they ate was bread! To make a long story short we end up walking out and setting the food beside the trail. On the way my companion whispered "I never thought I would meet a prideful hobo" haha so that was interesting..
   Me and my companion are getting along great we are both goofy crosscounty kids so I am super grateful to have him! Chapter of the week is Mosiah 4, When we keep the commandment we find happiness. soooooo KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS!!! haha love you all! look for opporitunities to share the gospel Love -Elder wagner

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