Monday, June 2, 2014

Future Missionaries advice

Hello Family,
 I appreciate the pictures! It is so good to see your faces. This email is dedicated it to answering the Q's and saying what is going on. 
  If you could give future Missionaries advice on preparing for the MTC so they will be more prepared than you were what would you tell them?
There is nothing you can really do to prepare for the MTC. It will be a shock no matter what you do. However The number one thing I would suggest would be to go out with the missionaries as much as humanly possible. No amount of Mission prep classes or studying Preach my Gospel will help as much as hands on experience. I look back and I am so grateful for  the missionaries letting me go out with them so often. I can still remember Elder Gabbitas and Elder Mckenzie as clear as day being incredibly bold with people and leaving me feeling incredibly awkward just sitting there watching, but that was the number one thing that helped me prepare for the MTC and 10x more important for the mission field.
Dad really whats to know how you ended up in the mud puddle? The mud Puddle... There is this power line trail that is a huge short cut that takes us to the mall. The trail though is extremely rugged and steep. And there are some muddy areas. If you look to the left of the picture there is a small little path that goes right beside the mud puddle that we ride on. As I was going to get on that little path my tire went side ways and I flew over the handle bars right into the puddle. I was soiled and my bike was spotless haha.
  What has been your favorite meal at members home? I don't really care about food as much as I used to haha. Now it's just like putting fuel in the tank. So no meal really sticks out to me.
 Are you teaching any of the kids that took a Book of Mormon after they watched you play basketball and you taught them? We are still teaching the basketball dudes. One of them in particular is very interested and loves to read the BOM. However he likes it because its history not because he thinks it's true..... I don't get it either haha
 Anyway I have to get going but I love you all Stay strong and carry on. -Elder Wagner

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